Achievement & Recognition Pathways

Redwoodian Award & Redwoodian Extra

The Redwoodian Award and the Redwoodian Extra scheme has been designed to take students out of their comfort zone.  During the programmes students will try new things and develop their skill set.  We believe that this will improve their confidence, aptitude and academic success.


We have a team of Year 11 Prefects, together with a Head boy, Head girl and Deputy Head boy.

All prefects are fantastic advocates for both our younger students and the school.  They each have different roles and responsibilities throughout school, which they carry out effectively and with pride.

Redwood Young Leaders

From Year 8 onwards students have the opportunity to take part in a young leadership programme which aims to develop the individual’s ability to work as part of a team of school ambassadors to the benefit of the wider school and local community.

Students are identified at the start of the school year by staff, who feel that the young person would both benefit from the programme and who would also be an asset to the young leadership team in general. Key skills and qualities gained from involvement include confidence, communication, problem solving, inspiration, empathy and determination.

Our Young Leader’s undertake timetabled leadership sessions as well as attending workshops throughout the year. In return, the young leaders are expected to act as role models throughout the school whilst also planning, organising and running events throughout the year both within school and in the wider community.

Internships Results and Destinations 2016

Redwood Supported Internship is a one year programme for students with learning difficulties based at Rochdale Infirmary.

The students on the Supported Internship programme have the opportunity to work as 'real' employees, for 'real' employers, in a 'real' workplace while being supported by job coaches employed by Redwood School. Interns systematically gain both specific and transferable work skills that increase their chances of gaining paid or voluntary employment. For more information on the Redwood Internship Click Here.