Admissions and Procedures

Admission Overview

The local authority provides transport free of charge to school or college for students with disabilities and/or learning difficulties in those cases where it is considered essential. This provision is between home and the nearest school or college that can address the particular needs of the young person. If a young person chooses to attend a school or college with an equally suitable course which is further away from home, then it is understood they will be required to make their own travel arrangements to and from that school or college.

If transport is provided this may involve the provision of private hire vehicles or specialist vehicles. Any application for concessionary transport of this kind will be considered by the SEN and Children with Disabilities Service to establish that the provision of such transport is necessary to enable you to travel between home and college.

Students in Year 11 at Redwood Secondary School or attending the Post-16 provision at Redwood Secondary School may be provided with independent travel training that will reduce the need to rely on private hire vehicles. This training is related to home to school transport and travel to other educational provision including post-19 placements. The training is provided during the school day with the consent of parents. Over time such training will be extended to include young people at other schools and Sixth Form colleges.

If you have a disability and/or learning difficulty and attend a specialist residential college, the local authority will refund the full cost of off-peak public transport between home and college at the beginning and end of each term and each half term holiday. In some cases, the local authority provides transport between home and the specialist residential college.

For full details, please read the Travel Assistance Policy for children and young people with SEND

How to apply

To apply, please complete the relevant application form:

Please return your completed application form by email to or by post to:

SEN Assessment Team
Rochdale Borough Council
Number One Riverside – Floor 4, 
Smith Street, 
OL16 1XU

Concessionary Travel Pass

If you are disabled, whatever your age, you may be able to get free or discounted travel on buses, trains and the Metrolink or travel vouchers for discounted taxi travel. To apply, get an application form from a Transport for Greater Manchester Travelshop or write to:

Travel Concessions

Customer Services

PO Box 429

Manchester, M60 1HX.

More information can be found of the Rochdale Admission Page by clicking here

Redwood Admission from Year 5/6

Year 7

In September each year Redwood will invite parent/ carers of pupils with an Education Health Care plan or statement of Special Educational Need in Year 5 & 6 mainstream primary school to an Open Day event. This will be an opportunity to visit school, to have a tour of the facilities and meet the Headteacher and staff. This event will be circulated to all SENCOs in Rochdale Primary Schools. Rochdale Local Authority will also advertise the event on Redwood’s behalf.

In addition to this event, pre determined appointments ‘Redwood Tours’ will be offered during the year. The purpose of these appointments will be for non-prejudicial visits, general information and facility tours. At any point throughout this process, any mainstream pupil (irrespective of Year Group) that the Local Authority feel would be correctly placed at Redwood will be directly invited to meet the Headteacher individually.

Should any parent/ carer wish to enquire about an admission or place at Redwood, they should in the first instance contact their SEN officer at the Local Authority 01706 925140.

Post 16

Post 16 will hold an open day event each October one at Redwood and one at REEC (Redwood Education and Enterprise Centre). This will be an opportunity for parent/ carers of students with an Education Health Care plan or statement of Special Educational Need in Year 10 & 11 mainstream secondary school to visit, discuss the available pathways, tour the facilities and meet the staff.

Any parent/ carer wishing to enquire about an admission into Post 16, should in the first instance contact the SEN Team at the Local Authority 01706 925140.

Please click any of the documents below to find out more about Admissions to Redwood!


Accessibility and Inclusion

What Redwood provides:

• The school is fully accessible
• The building is wheelchair accessible with disabled parking near to the main entrance
• The environment is enhanced to provide visual clarity EG: blue door handles on white external doors
• There are accessible toilet and changing facilities with hoists
• The school has a ‘closomat’ toilet
• Rise & Fall furniture, sinks, tables, cooker, Rebound Therapy, on site Hydro pool, wheelchair accessible minibuses
• Co-located with a mainstream secondary school
• Weekly access to on site swimming pool
• School information is accessible through:
• School web site
• Parent Partnership Co-ordinator (support parents & families including those with additional needs)
• Bi Lingual Assistants (support for parents & families whose first language is not English)
• Texting service
• School uses ‘Signalong’ , Voice Output Apps, Communication systems on ipads, Big Macks, Boardmaker symbols

Teaching and Learning

• All our pupils have an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP) or Statement of Special Educational Needs
• Pupil Premium is used to provide a variety of additional supports– please see policy
• Catch up premium- additional funding which is used for intervention for Year 7 pupils in English and Maths
• Pupils are base lined & assessed using: B Squared, SCERTS, MAPP
• Pupils follow the National Curriculum but follow an Individual Learning Plan. Some pupils follow the
• Profound and Sensory curriculum
• Staff have extensive experience in ASD, BESD, PSHE, PMLD, BSL, Positive Handling, Sensory Profiling,
• CIEAG – these staff provide in-house annual training / and training as a need arises
• The SLT are experienced SEN teachers who provide in house training
• Staff regularly attend local authority and external training
• Annual Staff Development Review, Support Staff Appraisal & Teacher Appraisal identify training needs
• Joint Council Qualification rules are followed in examinations giving reasonable adjustments such as extra time, large font papers, scribes, readers 925140.


Redwood’s Transition Policy

The aim of Redwood’s Transition Policy is to guarantee a smooth and relevant transition for all
our students in significant periods of change in their time at school.
The process will cover all aspects of transition from Primary to Secondary , key stage 3 to 4, key stage 4 to Post 16 and Post 16 to adult services/ college.
The audience for any documentation produced will be:

• Staff and senior leaders within Redwood
• Positive Steps, Local Authority SEN Team and members of the transition team
• HLTAs and Learning mentors
• Other relevant professionals
• Parents
• Students

At Redwood we believe that by following the guidelines within the transition document, this will ensure consistent best practice through sharing quality and information and developing individualised learning plans.
Awareness of individual pupil information is crucial to ensure that all aspects of the pupils learning programme is in place at the start of the academic year and staff have access to this information to support their planning.
The list of documentation has been produced as guidance by the Senior Leadership Team, High Level Teaching Assistants, Learning and Transition Mentors for pupils across all the Key stages. Some of the documentation will be transferred to colleagues in hard copy. However some of the documentation can be accessed on the SIMS system and it is the responsibility of staff to access this information as part of the transition process prior to the start of the 2016 autumn term.
All discussions and meetings (both formal and informal) regarding transition must be documented using the protocol and copies distributed to the Headteacher, Assistant Headteachers and staff who were present at such meetings.