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Vision and Purpose

Vision and Purpose.

Promoting a career development culture is an essential part of the mission and ethos of our school. At Redwood Secondary School and REEC provision, we aim to support the aspirations of all our young people to ensure that they gain the understanding, skills, and experience they need to make progress and succeed in learning and work. We believe that having an effective careers education and guidance program not only contributes to their well-being but also to the wellbeing of their families, the communities to which they belong, wider society, businesses and the economy. 


Strategy, To achieve the objectives of this policy, we will:

• Ensure that we have a named Governor who is actively involved and can share all activity relating to CEIAG through our Governing Body structure.
• Identify a senior member/s of staff to advise the senior leadership team and governors on curriculum, staffing and resource requirements; and to lead the development, implementation, and evaluation of the school’s careers provision with the support of Team IAG at Redwood and REEC.
• Identify key staff in each of the Key Stages (3, 4 & 5) to manage the day-to-day running of the careers program.
• Develop and maintain annual careers plan for achieving current priorities including delivering the planned program, meeting staffing and CPD costs, and monitoring, reviewing and evaluating the strategy.
• Access external support via careers exhibitions/transition workshops to enhance the provision of careers guidance within school.
• Set out clearly the contribution expected of all staff including subject teachers and tutors for our young people’s career learning and planning.
• Communicate the benefits of our CEIAG Programme to students, parents/carers, Governors and staff to engage them.
• Actively involve our young people in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of our careers program.
• Provide opportunities for students to develop career and employability skills.
• Work with Key stakeholders to ensure they are informed of the opportunities and options available to them.
• Equip students with knowledge, skills and attributes to make informed decisions through a relevant and up to date Careers Programme.
• Support students with personalised information, advice, and guidance about careers, the world of work and volunteering.
• Inspire students to consider options for achieving their full potential.
• Build strong links with Employers and other training providers.
• Facilitate opportunities to gain experiences of work.
• Provide a personalised supported internship program in Post 16 which includes work experience.

Personalised Information and Guidance

 Personalised Information and Guidance.

Mrs. Vicky McManus-Prendergast is our independent Careers Advisor and is employed by Positive Steps, Rochdale. Vicky provides impartial careers advice focussed upon each individual student's needs by offering every student a one to one personalised interview. We encourage parents to be part of their student’s choices and parents are welcome to contact Vicky through the school, engage in meetings or email directly. Vicky is also available for support and advice at year 7 - 14 Parents Evenings. 

Careers within the Curriculum

Careers within the Curriculum.

All students have access to a broad curriculum that positively promotes CEIAG throughout all curriculum areas.  We embed careers through our curriculum delivery of Citizenship, PSHE and Employability.  Particular focus to careers is also given within the Sixth Form. 

Careers Events

The school organises a wide range of events and activities to provide information and inspire students

• Opportunities to listen and interact with external speakers from a range of occupations and professions through assemblies and SMSC lessons
• Enterprise Week for the Sixth Form
• Career focussed visits to a range of Business and Professional Companies
• Mock interviews and support for CV and application form writing
• Visits to Skills North West and Choices exhibitions
• Taster days at Local Colleges
• Experiences of work
• A wide range of opportunities for Sixth Form students to attend college taster days.
• A variety of local and national competitions to develop employability skills

Some websites providing Careers Advice

Positive Steps Rochdale HERE

iCould Career Inspiration HERE

National Careers Service - HERE

Greater Manchester Higher Website - HERE


Apprenticeships - HERE

Prospects - HERE

The school is delighted to have achieved the Stage 1 Inspiring IAG Quality Award and is working towards the Stage 2 Inspiring IAG Quality Award.