Consent Forms

Here where you will find forms you will need to submit. For any leave by a child

Parents/carers of pupils at Redwood Secondary school may make an application during term time to request leave of absence, please be aware of the following:-

• Application for Leave of Absence should be applied for 6 week in advanced before an interview with the Deputy Head or Headteacher.
• Up to 2 weeks may be given under exceptional circumstances, each request will be looked at individually and this will depend on your child’s attendance taking into consideration the government guidelines which state that a student attendance should be 95% or above.
• Longer holidays will not be agreed under any circumstances and will be treated as unauthorised absences which could lead to a penalty notice, fine, legal action, or your child being taken off role.

Pupil Information Form - You will need to fill in if your child starts Redwood School. Also if at any point your address, telephone or other contact information change you will need to fill this below.

Pupil Permission Form - You will need to fill this is to allow us permission/consent to do certain things. e.g go for local walks or food tasting.