Holiday Club

Redwood offers a holiday club for young people, aged 4-18 years old with special needs in the Rochdale area. The dates of the next Holiday Club are: Monday 8th April  - Thursday 18th April. Applications are now LIVE! and will close on Wednesday 30th January. The Cost of the club is £10 per allocated day.

This years holiday club will run from 8th  - 18th April. 10am till 3pm. Monday to Thursday.

We will not accept any bookings made after Friday 15th March 2019.

Please Read this important letter about the future of Youth Factor Holiday and Youth Clubs

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Thanks for opening it up children in main stream schools. Its gives so many more children the opportunity of attending a play scheme suitable for all children with SEN whether they attend mainstream or special school. More financing is needed to keep the opportunities open to all children with disabilities.
For the first time when Lorraine has been around other children in any social setting its about how good it is and wanting to go again rather than hearing her complain about other children picking on her or calling her names and being nasty to her. Thanks for making this possible for her and we parents and children need more of these provisions. Thank you again!!”

“Thank your all for what you do! My son comes home and doesn't stop talking about what you have been doing. The website is also amazing and helps me see what he has done and how much fun all the children are having. 
I really hope that the club will continue as it is so valuable to us working parents and of course the children who attend. 
Thank you once again”

“Thank you so much for the special time jordyn and toby spent with you this summer, not only have they had so much fun it has also enabled myself and my husband to spend some quality time with our other children and enjoy activities which we can’t usually such as the cinema and eating out.jordyn and toby have come home happy, smiley and have slept well after burning off so much energy, I can only relay again how extremely grateful we all are for looking after them so well and giving us all a little bit of sunshine into our summer, I hope every parent of every child with challenging needs gets to allow their child to experience what ours have, it’s been great thank you :)) x”