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Main School Body Overview - Years 7 - 11


Redwood's English curriculum has been designed to excite and engage our students as well as foster a life-long love for reading. Throughout their time at Redwood, students are given opportunities to progress and achieve in English at a level which is appropriate for their needs.

During KS3, a wide range of literature is used as a stimulus to develop reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. These range from popular multi-sensory stories to thought-provoking novels such as 'Wonder'. In addition, students will experience live performances of plays as well as have the opportunity to take part in workshops delivered by authors.

During KS4, the skills they have gained so far are developed further and most students are working towards achieving either an English Entry Level Certificate (ELC) or an English GCSE accreditation. students are taught to read using the Bug Club Independent Reading scheme. This is a combines over 400 beautiful eBooks and print books

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The Mathematics’ Curriculum at Redwood is designed to cover all aspects of the AQA Entry Level Certificate scheme of work. Activities are adapted and differentiated to support learners below Entry Level and also stretch and challenge learners working above EL3. Challenge is ensured by delivery of Functional Skills level 1 objectives and if necessary Foundation G.C.S.E.

Students working below Entry Level will follow our Internal Numeracy Accreditation.

Our programme of study consists of 8 strands:

Number, Operations, Ratio, Money, Time, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics. The Long Term Plan is designed using a “Real Life” Maths approach including topics such as “Shopping”, “Planning a party”,  “Animals, Nature and Our World”. (See our Long Term Plan attached).

All students will be encouraged to apply mathematical skills, whenever possible, to real life practical situations, develop problem-solving skills and explain reasoning, either verbally or written. Staff plan and deliver lessons in this Curriculum area to target identified, individual needs of each learner. Ongoing assessment and recorded evidence ensure that all the students at Redwood have the opportunity to gain maximum progress and achievement in this subject area.

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The new LifeSkills Curriculum combines LifeSkills, PSHE, Careers, Citizenship, and Enterprise and is designed to complement all other areas of the school. All of our students are individuals and we feel they should have a curriculum that can be tailored around their needs as well as fulfilling DofE requirements.

It consists of 7 strands:

My Environment/ Keeping safe, Keeping myself healthy & clean, Being me & expressing myself, Being a good citizen, My relationships, Exploring the world of work & My financial future

Within these areas, there are a selection of units with learning intentions that are split into 3 levels to allow staff to see at a glance students understanding. Staff will choose which units and learning intentions are the most appropriate for the individual based on their ability and needs.

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The purpose of PE is for students to develop their skills to increase their understanding and resilience to lead and maintain a healthy and physically active lifestyle to the best of their ability.

The Aims of PE are;
1. To explore how our bodies can move in a variety of different directions, speeds and settings.
2. To develop pupils social, emotional and personal skills which will help prepare the young people for adult life.
3. To develop pupils understanding of the life skills they are developing through physical activity, rules of different sports, how to exercise safely and know how to lead a healthy and active lifestyle
4. To develop pupils resilience to overcome barriers, sustain physical activity, face up to challenges and create a positive attitude and interest in physical activity.

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The main student body will be working towards the Entry level certificate.

The specification comprises of six components. Each component has two assessments: one externally set and one internally set.

The six components meet the Programme of Study Key Stage 4 requirements. Students may only need to complete 1 aspect of each component.

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The purpose of the ICT/Computing curriculum is to both prepare students for the functional aspects of ICT, i.e. using the Internet, typing, making posters, creating and using databases, and to develop creative skills by creating animations, images, photography, and creating and editing both audio and video.  Some students will also have the opportunity to find out how computers are put together and to create some simple computer programs using simplified computer languages.

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At Redwood School Art forms an important part of the curriculum and we believe Art education stimulates creativity and imagination, whilst giving the student a unique opportunity to develop socially, independently and emotionally.
Art is also taught in the sensory curriculum where sensory learners have the opportunity to experience and create pieces of artwork based on themes.
We teach Art in KS3, KS4 and KS5 ensuring all students receive a rich and varied experience of Art and Design. In KS4 Art is accredited at different levels, depending on the student's ability.We believe that pupils should be taught to:

• Use a range of materials creatively to design and make products.
• To use drawing, painting, and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences, and imagination.
• To develop a wide range of Art and Design techniques using colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, and form.
• To learn, experience and observe a range of different artists and designers including Art history.

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The Humanities curriculum at Redwood comprises of Geography, History and Religious Studies. Students in Key Stage 3 (MSB) study for one term in each of the separate subjects while students in Key Stage 4 (MSB) follow a more in-depth programme of study with one History/Geography and one Religious Studies lesson every week.

A variety of topics are covered over Key Stage 3 and 4 ranging from Investigating Brazil to Life in Medieval Times to Special Occasions in My Life. Religious festivals, important national days and historical anniversaries are also celebrated and explored throughout the year as and when they occur; which also gives the students opportunities to learn about and demonstrate our British Values as they prepare for adulthood.

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Design Tech

For some students Design Technology and Food will be a new experience. This subject is about using different materials to design and make things creatively to meet our needs and wants. The subject aims to prepare students so that they can participate in tomorrow’s rapidly changing society as well as developing a range of practical life skills. Through a wide range of different activities students will learn to think creatively so that they can solve problems that they may face in life as well as developing the skills needed to work as part of a team. The design tasks allow students to develop a range of ideas to meet end users’ needs and wants as well as giving students the opportunity to make their own ideas. This is followed by testing and evaluating of their work, both the design ideas and the practical to see if they are suitable for the given task. Within food they will concentrate on making a range of simple, practical everyday meals to help to provide a firm foundation to their future independence.

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Perf. Arts

Performing Arts @ Redwood is the study of Music, Drama and Dance. In KS3 (yrs7- 9) students currently, receive 1 double period a week. In KS4 (yrs10-11) students can choose to continue their learning by choosing either one or a combination of the disciplines as an option, again, for 1 double period a week.

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Vocational education/careers in the main school body is covered in the ‘Exploring the world of work’ strand of the LifeSkills curriculum.
Students cover investigate and actively learn about different jobs in various industries such as catering, horticulture, office and retail.
This can range from visiting different establishments, trying on work clothes/uniforms, working in the school shop/ kitchens to completing work experience in various industries.

Alt. Group

Our aim is to raise engagement through providing a safe and flexible environment that allows students to ‘learn how to learn’.  We foster peer to peer support, friendships, self-management, integration and mutual respect.  We find our approach reduces anxiety and enables students to become more accountable for their own behaviours, whilst creating a trustful environment where students feel they can bare their inner most thoughts-in order for us to forge a pathway forward and create a willingness to learn. We follow the MSB curriculum with additional LifeSkills sessions to allow us the flexibility to address student needs.