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Find out about our students get up to! From Students Voice (Student Council) to the BBC School Report

Students Voice

The student council at Redwood school enables everybody in our school to contribute to improving the school community. Everyone has a different view on what makes a good school and a school council is a way of ensuring students to talk about those ideas, decide on which ones make the biggest difference and then make them happen.

A good student council makes sure everyone is :

  • Everyone is involved in an equal and fair way
  • Getting things done
  • Do things that really matter to students.

By ensuring these things happen relationships between students, and students and staff will improve. It will help students feel safer, learn better, have more fun, live healthier and have more pride in their school and their school environment.


We are a group of people who:

  • Work together to improve our school and make it the best we can
  • Listen to the views of others and make sure everyone has a chance to be heard
  • Represent and present the views of other students
  • Have a voice and real power to influence school events and make positive changes

These principles follow closely the code of conduct for the whole of Redwood School and its mission statement.

“Redwood is a safe, caring environment where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. We value each other and learn together in order to make a unique, positive contribution to the world.”

Council members are elected in a democratic process by their peers and serve for an academic year. The students within school then go through a similar process with students already elected to choose chair and vice chair who then run the council meetings.

The student council usually meet once each half term and record are kept of agendas and minutes in school.

In 2010 we were awarded a silver ‘Effective School Council’ award, and we are working hard to achieve the gold standard.

Post 16 Moorland Home Residential June 2017 - Students in 6th form went on a residential to Moorland Home 5th-9th June.

Redwood Podcast

On a Friday afternoon a selection of our Year 10 and 11 pupils have a Creative Media/ICT lesson. During one of those sessions the students have worked together
to make a podcast, they all talked a little about themselves and introduced a song of their choice. Hope you all enjoy it!!! 

Ofsted Meeting

3 students from REEC, Rhianne, Hamza and Chris attended a Local Authority ofstedmeetingOFSted inspection meeting at Number one Riverside on the evening of Tuesday 20th September. There were 3 Ofsted inspectors asking questions about the provision for the young people of Rochdale. The meeting lasted till five o clock. We talked about what kind of jobs we wanted and how to achieve your jobs. We told them about the support we get from our teachers and how what we want is listened to. Some young people from the youth services were there too.

By Rhianne Ryan