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English (MSB Secondary) 

Redwood's English curriculum has been designed to excite and engage our students as well as foster a life-long love for reading. Throughout their time at Redwood, students are given opportunities to progress and achieve in English at a level which is appropriate for their needs.

During KS3, a wide range of literature is used as a stimulus to develop reading, writing and speaking and listening skills. These range from popular multi-sensory stories to thought-provoking novels such as 'Wonder'. In addition, students will experience live performances of plays as well as have the opportunity to take part in workshops delivered by authors.

During KS4, the skills they have gained so far are developed further and most students are working towards achieving either an English Entry Level Certificate (ELC) or an English GCSE accreditation. students are taught to read using the Bug Club Independent Reading scheme. This is a combines over 400 beautiful eBooks and print books

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