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Maths MSB Secondary

The Mathematics’ Curriculum at Redwood is designed to cover all aspects of the AQA Entry Level Certificate scheme of work. Activities are adapted and differentiated to support learners below Entry Level and also stretch and challenge learners working above EL3. Challenge is ensured by delivery of Functional Skills level 1 objectives and if necessary Foundation G.C.S.E.

Students working below Entry Level will follow our Internal Numeracy Accreditation.

Our programme of study consists of 8 strands:

Number, Operations, Ratio, Money, Time, Measurement, Geometry and Statistics. The Long Term Plan is designed using a “Real Life” Maths approach including topics such as “Shopping”, “Planning a party”,  “Animals, Nature and Our World”. (See our Long Term Plan attached).

All students will be encouraged to apply mathematical skills, whenever possible, to real life practical situations, develop problem-solving skills and explain reasoning, either verbally or written. Staff plan and deliver lessons in this Curriculum area to target identified, individual needs of each learner. Ongoing assessment and recorded evidence ensure that all the students at Redwood have the opportunity to gain maximum progress and achievement in this subject area.

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