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Parent / Carer Group

At Redwood we aim to work with parents and carers collaboratively. As a school we can't express enough how much we appreciate your input, as you know your child best! We always value feedback, so we can continue to grow and develop as a school. 

Our parent/carer group is a space where family members of the students who attend any Redwood setting can come and meet each other. The purpose is to offer as much support to our families as possible - creating an opportunity for peer-to-peer support.

Do you have any creative ideas for things we could do in the future or get involved with anything we currently do? Please don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

When we meet we often invite external professionals and organisations to give information on the support and services available in and around Rochdale. The group meet in a variety of environments, for example, going on walks, going to cafes or visiting parks. We do this because we want to take away the pressure of coming into a school for a 'meeting', we want to make a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

If you have any questions email or phone the school office on 01706 75018.


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