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Curriculum Statement

At Redwood School we aim to provide an enriched, challenging and personalised curriculum within an immersive active learning environment. Our engaging curriculum is delivered through a holistic flexible approach that ensures our students receive challenging and supportive experiences that develop their knowledge, skills and attributes in ways that will guarantee that learning is relevant. Our curriculum promotes student health and wellbeing focusing on developing and enhancing self esteem and self worth, enabling all students to celebrate their individual progress and unique achievements gained.

Our curriculum is at the heart of Redwood School; and as a school we are totally committed to the development of all our students. We utilise every opportunity throughout the school day, including transitions, to explore valuable learning and development as our students are all unique and learn in different ways. Our curriculum enables us to facilitate learning by personalising experiences and offering an active engaging environment in which to learn. We strive to encourage and develop a strong sense of achievement for all our students. Through our nurturing environments we build each individuals potential to succeed in life and become valued members of their community. We believe in having a positive approach towards school life and our students are encouraged to become motivated and confident young people both in and outside of the classroom. 

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We put everyone at the centre of their own learning journey and take into account their personal special needs, adapting our teaching approaches to meet those needs, fully optimising their potential. With aspiration for all we deliver a rich curriculum which promotes academic development, but more importantly ensures that all students are socially, emotionally and spiritually secure in themselves in preparation for adulthood.

With a pathways approach, students are offered a stimulating and challenging curriculum focused on supporting each student’s individual development and achieving the outcomes within their EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan). Where relevant students will study towards accreditations (including GCSE’s) as they progress through the school. Our curriculum pathways are driven by the identification of need and as the needs of our students evolve, we continually assess the most appropriate pathway for them. Students can move between pathways to achieve a personalised model to meet their needs. This offers a degree of flexibility for students to progress onto more appropriate pathways as they acquire and develop their learning skills. 

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