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Main School Body - Post-16

(Skills for Independence)

The aim of the SFI route is to prepare students for adulthood- both through Redwood internal units to support their entrance to college and through practical activities to further develop their life skills.

We aim to guide students towards being confident, informed, cooperative and pro-active. Focus is placed upon being able communicators and viewing themselves in terms of their individual abilities and how their contribution supports the wider group or community.

We aim to support our learners to become as independent as they can, dependent upon their individual needs and abilities.  Students have the opportunity to work towards achieving Edexcel certification in Maths, English and a BTEC in Vocational Studies.  To promote the personal and social development of learners, Skills for Independence students will follow a timetable designed to enhance student self-esteem, their aspirations and their contribution to the community. This activity-based curriculum  will promote the development, assessment, and accreditation of key skills and other personal and social skills, with an emphasis on co-operation, teamwork and rewarding achievement.  Independence skills are delivered throughout the complete curriculum, with reference to EHCP outcomes and AR targets where appropriate.

Key skills are incorporated throughout the lessons and progress is recorded through Earwig, written recording and data sheets.

(Employability for Independence)/(Redwood Education and Enterprise Centre)

Through the skills for Employability and Independence course, we aim to support the aspirations of all our young people to ensure that they gain the understanding, skills, and experience they need to make progress and succeed in learning, life and work. We believe that this effective program not only contributes to their well-being but also to the wellbeing of their families, the communities to which they belong, wider society, businesses and the economy.

The main aim of the skills for Employability and Independence course is for students to develop a positive attitude to employment, Independence, transition and their future. By promoting self-awareness and enabling students to make well informed educational, vocational and training choices; they will have the skills to manage the transition from education to new roles including employment.  Students will develop practical skills that may be used in the workplace and adult life in conjunction with functional and independent living skills.


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