Welcome to Our Redwood Enrichment Programme (home learning).

We hope you are well and staying safe as we collectively fight against the COVID-19 virus. We miss our Redwood Community, including our learners, their families and our staff. We are all hopeful that we will resume as Redwood School soon, but for now, we are all working/learning/caring from home where we can, as well as offering emergency childcare onsite.

For the last 2 weeks, our priority has been supporting families to adjust to a new way of coping with daily life, but now we are excited and ready to launch our home-learning programme designed by Redwood staff; it is easy to access and fun to do.

Click on any of the links within the programme below to access a range of challenges for all our Redwood learners and families. We will also be sharing these activities on our social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) so keep posted for updates and likewise, please share any achievements, photos and videos in the comments sections so we can see what you have been up-to.

Stay safe, learn and achieve with our Active Learning Challenges and Curriculum Booklets.

Earn points, upload achievements and receive certificates as we keep our spirits high and our minds and bodies active.

Ms. Clare John - Headteacher

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