Experiential Bases - Year 7 -14

The Experiential Pathway is a highly personalised multi-sensory curriculum for students with profound, multiple and / or complex learning, physical and / or medical needs.
Students on this pathway usually stay at Redwood from Year 7 – 14 and are grouped according to age and / or level of needs. Class sizes are small (between 6 and 8 students) and there is a high level of adult support to give the students the best opportunities to engage and achieve their goals and aspirations.

The curriculum focuses on 4 core areas of development.


Non-symbolic Communication:
Gestural, Pointing

Symbolic Communication:
Objects of Reference, Photographs/pictures/symbols, Words, Signing, Communication aids, ICT

Social Communication
Social responding, Conversational turn-taking, Imitation, Shared attention, Initiating communication

Communicating Needs and Wants
Communicating a choice/preference, Refusing/rejecting

Information & Concepts
Following instructions, Concepts


Single symbol/word vocabulary, Response to books and text, Phonics, Reading for meaning, Understanding narrative

Motor Skills, Regulating Behaviour, Sentence building, Assisted story-telling, Recording information

The 4 core areas of development encompass a wide and diverse range of cross-curricular subjects through the thematic and multi-sensory approach to learning.

Students are set up to 8 personalised learning intentions per term and the EHCP outcomes an play an integral part in the creation of learning intentions.

The curriculum content provides the individual students with the maximum opportunities to develop their skills in a safe and secure environment whilst also providing them with stretch and challenge to enable them to reach their full potential. 

Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress (MAPP)

The curriculum follows the Mapping and Assessing Personal Progress (MAPP) framework and is broken down into 4 areas of achievement.


Doing things more on your own with less prompting


Getting better at doing something with increased speed and accuracy


Doing something more often or reliably and maintaining it over time


Doing things with different people and in different places